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QQ Number Service Terms of Use
Thank you for using QQ Number Service!

Your permission to use the Tencent’s QQ account service ( the “QQ Number Service”) is subject to your acceptance of the QQ Number Terms of Use (hereinafter “this Agreement”), Universal Terms of Service, the QQ Number Terms of Use and the QQ Software License Agreement (collectively, the “QQ Terms”). Please carefully read the QQ Terms in order to fully understand all of the terms and conditions, particularly those regarding waivers or restrictions of liabilities as well as any standalone agreements for the availability or use of specific services and decide whether to accept such terms. Restrictions or waivers of liabilities may be in bold type to call your attention.

Unless you are an authorized user of QQ and have read and indicated your acceptance to the QQ Terms, , you have no right to use the QQ Number Service. Upon your use of the QQ Number Service, you will be considered as having read and agreed to be bound by the above-mentioned agreements.

If you have not attained the age of 18 full years, please read this Agreement and all of the other above-mentioned agreements under guidance of your legal guardian and pay special attention to the terms regarding use by minors.

1.Applicability of Agreement

1.1 The QQ Terms are an agreement between you and us (as defined in the Universal Terms of Service) regarding your use of the QQ Number Service and related services provided by us.

1.2 This Agreement is subject to and is incorporated by reference into the Universal Terms of Service.


2.1 The “QQ Number Service” refers to the QQ account password recovery service for authorized users of QQ enabling those users to re-access their QQ account in the event they’ve lost their password or otherwise are unable to log into their account.

2.2 “QQ Account Re-access System” means the online system for access the QQ Recover Service made available through the log-in webpages available at aq.qq.com, service.qq.com, or other web-connected sites we may provide from time to time.

2.3 “Password-Protected Information” means the information related to or provided by a QQ user in the course of registering for or later configuring a QQ account that may be used to later verify that user’s identity in connection with the QQ Number Service.

3.Procedures for QQ Account Re-access

3.1 If you cannot access your QQ account because you have forgotten your QQ account password, you will promptly log into the QQ Account Re-access System to report the matter[Change to “reset your password” or “report the matter and reset your password”?].

3.2 In using the Account Re-access System, you may be required to provide us with various pieces of information in order to [reset your password/recover you password], and you agree to and will only provide us with complete and accurate information in connection with your use of our services, including the information we request in connection with your use of the QQ Recovery Service..

3.3 We may change the information we require in connection with the QQ Recovery Service from time to time and based on the context of each particular request, and some of the information we request you provide may include:

(1) old passwords: previous passwords used for your QQ account;

(2) identity document number: the User’s identity document number which has been provided as part of the Password-Protected Information in respect of the QQ account. The identity document can be identity card, serviceman’s card and student card, etc. The identity document number provided by you as Password-Protected Information shall be complete, accurate, and provided in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and may generally not be changed once filled in;

(3) password verification question: the account recovery question you selected for your QQ account;

(4) password verification answer: the account recovery answer to your password verification question;

(5) contact email: the contact email address given as part of the Password Protected Information of the QQ account;

(6) protected mobile number: the mobile number given as part of the Password Protected Information of the QQ account;

(7) application time: the time at which you registered your QQ account;

(8) application method: your registration method for your QQ account (e.g. registration through website, registration through mobile device, registration through gift presentation on a social function[Please clarify what this means.]); and

(9) services accessed: services connected with or accessed through your QQ account.

3.4 After you submit your password reset request to the QQ Account Re-access System, we will review your request and determine whether we are able to

In some cases, we may require additional information in connection with your request, and we reserve the right to require such additional verification information in our discretion. If you are unable or unwilling to provide

the information we request, we will then consider your QQ account re-access request invalid.

3.5 In response to your QQ account re-access request, we will typically provide you with an acknowledgment number associated with your request. Please retain this number as we may request you provide it in connection with future enquiries.

3.6 Normally, result of the account re-access request will be available in 4 hours after the QQ Account Re-access System receives the request, but it may take much longer to process your request depending on the volume of requests received and the nature of your particular request.

3.7 We will communicate with you regarding your account re-access request using the email address provided with your request. Please note that given the nature of email, our communications to you could be delayed or undeliverable due to issues beyond our control, including problems with the configuration or operation of third-party computer networks that make up the Internet as well as problems with your email service. In some cases our emails could be deleted or redirected from your inbox due to anti-junk email policies and systems. You may contact our customer service personnel to enquire about the status of handling of your account re-access request by quoting the request acknowledgment number.

3.8 Tencent may not always grant you re-access to your QQ account in response to your account re-access request. In some cases we may be unable to provide you with re-access to the requested QQ account, even where you have provided additional information upon our request.

3.9 After your account re-access request has been granted, you should remember your password and the Password-Protected Information, and shall carry out virus removal exercise on the computer or device on which you log onto the QQ account.

4.Important Notice to Users

4.1 You shall ensure that all information you provide to Tencent is complete, accurate, and provided in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Such information will be critical in order to use the QQ Recovery Service and discover a QQ account which has been lost. If, because of his/her providing false information or of other people’s awareness of his/her registration information, the User suffer any losses including but not limited to inability to re-access a QQ account lost, loss of Q coins, game tokens and other value-added products in a QQ account as well as loss of information kept in a QQ account, the losses shall be borne solely by the User.

4.2 You agree, when using the QQ Account Re-access System, to only attempt to access (or re-access) QQ accounts that (a) you have registered or which have been transferred to you, and (b) that you have the right to use. Otherwise, you guarantee that you will not access, attempt to access, or instruct, or induce any third party, directly or indirectly, to access or attempt to access any other QQ account. In order to protect yourself in the event someone fraudulently or otherwise attempts to access your QQ account without your permission, you are responsible for taking all necessary preventative steps including, for example, ensuring the computer(s) or portable device(s) you use to access your QQ account have up-to-date software, including anti-virus and security software, using strong passwords, and keeping your password(s) secret.

4.3 If a QQ account is subject to administrative or judicial enquiry, criminal investigation, legal proceedings, or any material dispute, we may temporarily freeze the QQ account or take other actions it deems to be reasonably necessary in response to such requests. During the period when the QQ account is frozen or otherwise limited, you may not make a request for re-accessing the QQ account and we may reject or delay our response to your request in our sole discretion.

4.4 If a QQ account is frozen or recalled by us because the account has been used in a manner we believe is likely in violation of relevant laws and regulations, ours or a third-party’s rights, provisions of this Agreement or other relevant terms for the provision of our services, you may not make a request for re-accessing your QQ account, and we may reject or delay our response to your request in our sole discretion.

5.Liability and Disclaimer

5.1 With a view to enhancing user experience and improving our services, Tencent may revise the functions and rules of the Service at its discretion from time to time without notice to the User. If necessary, the revisions will be publicized on our website.

5.2 We may make changes to this Agreement over time, so please come back and review them. We may from time to time add, change, or remove features from our services, including the QQ Recovery Service, (including in relation to whether a service is free of charge or not), or suspend or terminate a service altogether, and in each case, [to the extent permitted by applicable law], we may do so without any notice obligation or liability to you. Where we consider that any changes to this Agreement or our services are reasonably material, we will (where reasonably practicable) notify you (via our website), direct communications to you, or other means, but we do not guarantee that any notice will be given. By continuing to use our services after we make any amendment to this Agreement or our services, with or without notice from us, you agree to be bound by the amended update to this Agreement.

5.2 If you violate applicable laws, regulations, or our or any third-party’s rights, the provisions of this Agreement or other relevant terms for provision of our services, we may limit or terminate your rights to use the QQ Recovery Service pursuant to this Agreement. Additionally, our services, including the QQ Recovery Service, are provided to you in our sole discretion, and we may add, change, limit, or remove services or features of services that we make available to the public or you specifically in our sole discretion without liability to you, and with or without notice to you.

5.3 You shall be solely responsible for any losses suffered or third party claims or demands raised as a result of, including but not limited to removal of the User’s information, emails, virtual properties and other data after failure of the re-access request.


6.1 This Agreement is signed in Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong, the People’s Republic of China.

6.2 The formation, validity, performance and interpretation of this Agreement and resolution of any disputes arising in connection with this Agreement shall be governed by the law of the People’s Republic of China excluding its rules on conflict of laws.

6.3 Any dispute or controversy arising between you and us shall first be resolved through friendly negotiation. If negotiation fails, you agree that the dispute or controversy shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the competent people’s court of the place where this Agreement is signed.

6.4 The headings of all terms contained in this Agreement are inserted for convenience only and have no substantial meanings. They may not be taken as a basis for the interpretation of this Agreement.

6.5 If any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement is held invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining terms shall continue to be valid and binding on both you and Tencent.

6.6 If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the QQ Recovery Service, please contact Tencent’s Customer Service Department at kf.qq.com or at Tencent’s customer service hotline no. +86 0755-83765566. We will provide you with the necessary assistance.